If You Hate Reading, Read This

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Dear Harvey

Read in a session. Take a rational text like RC or math or physics. Emotional or distress texts are often harder to read. Take your time discharging. It will make that you become good at reading. And fond of it.

If you have enough free attention to listen, you can read. Try to realize what you read.

And it can become fun and a skill you’re good at, by experience and discharge.

You don’t need the distress that makes it hard to read. Chuck it!

Through reading, you will learn so much, so fast!

Begin by reading slowly but precisely. Don’t worry about the speed. That will come with practice. (But if you begin with fast and imprecise reading, you will never really read what it says.)

In the beginning, reading one copy of Present Time took me three months, every three months. I was a

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